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February 20 2016


Three Love Lessons We Should've Learned From Fairytales

Timeless Love

As children, the cartoons and flicks we watched helped shape the perceptions we had about ourselves resulting in each other. I identified with superheroes, princesses and also the Care Bears. I figured I had superpowers, I believed that somehow despite the fact that my start in life would have been a bit crappy, by a few stroke of luck I'd garner the attention of a distinguished fellow, who seek me out and modify my circumstances. Lastly, I figured I could beam my love & care toward someone plus it would cure them of whatever anger or evil they possessed as did the concern Bears. Fairy-tale movies especially began shaping my ideals and future interaction with the opposite sex unbeknownst to me. Fairy-tale movies had three components true to life didn't; romance, adventure, along with a happy ending where love always overcame the obstacles standing in its way. I know I'm not alone, in focusing in on these 3 things as it pertained to how my future interactions and relationships can be. After all, women innately use a need and desire to get protected, provided for and chosen. Men naturally wish to impress, provide for and feel essential for woman they love and they are with.

Recently as I was watching the Disney movie, The small Mermaid, I looked somewhat closer at its fairy-tale story-line, and I began to remember all the other fairy-tale story-lines I've watched and loved from childhood. I spotted there are real, practical love lessons in these fairy-tales that I missed altogether. Maybe, had I had the ability to grasp them earlier, they may have helped me navigate better in relationships along with love. Below are three very necessary love lessons I took from fairy-tale story-lines. They are lessons we still need to learn as adults. These three lessons in love have become really needed in our new world culture of instant gratification. Our picture of the it means to love is very distorted because selfish, manipulative love messaging has projected. The sustainability of marriages is failing therefore.

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Love Means Sacrifice
Name one fairy-tale that didn't require someone to must make a huge sacrifice for the love they wanted? Within the Little Mermaid, Ariel sacrificed her voice for legs, although her voice was the only real sure way of Prince Eric knowing she was who he needed. To sacrifice means you're willing to give up something for the sake of a better cause, in this example love. It means you value the romance you seek to grow in than whatever it is you must give up for it. For many people you won't ever get it back, but also for a period of time, you feel that which you are going after, is much more important. Every fairy-tale ever created required one or both of the lovers to quit something they valued and maybe even needed in order to manage to love the other. They acted unselfishly since they knew the love they'd receive was far more valuable and necessary. They valued love, but specifically adoration for each other more than anything else. They proved worth the love they sought, not for their sacrifices, but because of their ability to be unselfish. Therefore they were often capable to have the love and turn into restored in the things they gave up.

Love Must Overcome Adversity
Prince Eric were required to fight Lady Ursula and kill her before he and Ariel could be together and liberated to explore their fascination with each other. In every fairy-tale, the prince and princess go through much adversity before they're able to truly be together and live happily ever after. Their love goes thru a series of trials, tests and adversity before they reap any benefits and before they actually are able to be together and explore love. We very often don't value that which you haven't had to work or fight for. Same task goes for love.

Love Requires Making a Decision
Before Prince Eric fought Ursula, he decided his passion for Ariel was worthwhile. Just as Ariel decided her love for Prince Eric was worth her stopping her voice. Both of them made a decision to fight also to make the necessary sacrifices for their love. They both valued the love they shared enough to choose it was worth risking everything for. They decided separately, as individuals, right from the start. They decided these were going to go to see their love materialize, before they ever experienced battle. Making the decision is the thing that gave them the strength, courage, and stick-to-itiveness to hold going in the fight, and to ultimately win the battle for their love. As a result, they arrive at live happily ever after, together. Their love turned out to be them that it was worth fighting for and powerful enough to overcome every obstacle that came up against it.

At all like me, you were probably oblivious about bat roosting important lessons fairy-tale story-lines have tried to share with us over the years. We selectively only desire to focus on the happy ending and think we ourselves have the ability to have the happy ending devoid of the fight, without the sacrifices, and without deciding to love. Absolutely not! In the event the make-believe characters didn't get a pass, we, who reside in real life, most certainly don't either. Love just isn't selfish. Our favorite characters demonstrated they were willing to quit things that they loved and cherished since the love they needed, and were seeking was more important. Love requires us to combat for it. We have to prove ourselves worth its rewards. We will need to learn to value the love we receive. The battles should be won before there are any rewards in your life and in love.

After Ariel and Prince Eric overcame the battles, once they sacrificed, after they decided that the love they shared was worth the cost, then they were able to live out the happily ever after. Not before. There was no happily ever after until after the blood, sweat and tears that proved them value the love they desired. They entered battle willingly and were serious about fighting to the death for your love they believed in. They made the decision to love wholeheartedly right away. They felt their love was worth the cost and the sacrifices and also the battles did not make sure they are give up on their love, nor get them to look for a potentially easier anyone to love. They stuck by their decisions also, since they stuck against each other, were able to enjoy a lasting, happy and fulfilling love with all the person they sacrificed, fought and decided on.

Many seasoned couples in love will tell you after they have outlasted the problems, the fighting, the adversity that many couple faces, they are happier, more fulfilled, and price and love each other more deeply. The hard work pays off. Did you catch that? Effort, yes it's synonymous with love. There is no such thing as instant gratification if you seek to build love with someone. Lasting love is only able to be measured with time. Dust off your favorite childhood fairy-tale and discover for yourself the lessons we should've learned at their store then, but must learn as an alternative if we seek to win for each other and be able to sustain that love. Much like there are forces that work well to bring two people together for each other, there are also forces at work to tear love apart. Love is that powerful. So, don't think the people, that show you, you can't have the fairy-tale ending you imagine, sure you can! You know it comes with a high price. The choice is yours to decide if it's worthwhile!

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